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About Ardel Cosmetology

Ardel was founded with the belief that exam scores do not necessarily reflect your ability to succeed. We believe an exam should not get in the way of your dream career, so we created a set of practice quizzes to help you overcome that last hurdle standing in your way.

Whether you just finished cosmetology school or years out from it, our challenging questions and in-depth explanations for both correct and incorrect answers provide a deep understanding of all tested concepts so that you’re well prepared on exam day. Each question is written at or above exam-level difficulty and modeled after the actual test.

Our content was created by Dr. Cervantes who, before becoming a medical doctor, attended cosmetology school. He realized that many cosmetology students were never taught HOW to study, which is just as important as WHAT to study.

A review of over 700 scientific articles showed the two most advantageous ways to study, which are the same learning techniques used by student doctors, are self-testing and distributed practice. These learning techniques guided the way our quizzes were designed to provide you an evidence-based approach to learning.

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