Welcome to Ardel Cosmetology Boards Prep.

How to use our quizzes:

Each quiz is designed to be taken in order starting with quiz 1 and two days apart from each other. During the days you are not taking a quiz, you should review all the material that was previously covered. For example:

Day 1: Quiz 1

Day 2: Review quiz 1

Day 3: Quiz 2

Day 4: Review quiz 1 – 2

Day 5: Quiz 3

Day 6: Review quiz 1 – 3

Day 7: Quiz 4

And so on.

Each quiz will contain new content as well as content covered in previous quizzes, so be sure to fully understand each explanation before moving to the next quiz. This can be done by making flashcards and taking notes after every question. Once you feel comfortable with the knowledge, move on to the next quiz.

We’ve created 14 quizzes, which allows you to start 30 days before your actual exam day. This way you have the day before your exam as a well needed “no study” day.

Whether you take all 14 of our quizzes or only a few, each quiz is individually priced so that you can determine how much practice you need to feel confident in passing the boards. Remember, the passing score on the written exam is about 75%, so we recommend studying our quizzes until you’re scoring 19/25 or more on at least three consecutive quizzes. Regardless of how many quizzes you take, we strongly recommend following the day on/ day off format detailed above. 

Lastly, before looking over the explanations, first look at the correct answer and ask yourself “why does it make sense that…?” or “Why is this true?” Then look at the rationale of the correct answer to see if you had the right idea, and then review the rationale for why every other choice is incorrect. These methods allow you to pick up knowledge faster and more efficiently and lets you to retain information for years rather than days.